Viral Twitter Thread Shows Starbucks Baristas’ Nightmare Orders

Starbucks is synonymous with “extra” coffee drinkers. Because the coffee chain allows endless customization, there a plethora of people who take advantage of it and make employees’ working lives really, really hard.

To wit: a Twitter user who goes by Josie recently shared a pic of this ridiculous java order by some dude named Edward:

“On todays episode of why i wanna quit my job,” she captioned the photo.

The post went viral. Other baristas showed their support with pics and tweets of their nightmare orders.

Some suspect unnecessarily complicated coffee orders are part of a TikTok trend under the hashtag #Starbucks, in which social media users share their customized drinks from the chain’s “secret menu.” But let’s get real: this isn’t about being sneaky or creative, it’s about being an asshole.

And if you think coffee orders as long as your arm are the result of online ordering, which allows caffeine addicts to customize without shame, think again.

Apparently, the Edwards are the Karens of the coffee world. If you know what’s good for you, make your own goddamn coffee at home.

Cover Photo: @ProjectJosiee (Twitter)

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