Pair of Chickens Attack Customers Outside McDonald’s, So That’s Why They Crossed the Road!

When the police are called to a violent scene, there’s a safe assumption that there are two or more people in some type of fisticuffs, a standoff, or an otherwise tense situation. Whether or not the event is a violent confrontation or just a verbal argument, the prevailing theme is that there are people involved in the potential fracas. That’s why there’s a pretty good chance a few police officers in New Jersey were shocked when they arrived at the location and found the perpetrators to much more fowl than expected.

Yes, we did mean to write fowl as opposed to foul. That’s because police in the Washington Township were called to a local McDonald’s after customers reported that a gang of clucking chickens was “wreaking havoc” in the parking lot and chasing people away.

It’s safe to say, a Big Mac isn’t worth being attacked by merciless beaks, flapping wings, and sharp claws. But still, these angry birds needed to be dealt with by someone.

When the officers arrived, they found the petty poultry wasn’t actually a street gang of feathers and evil. It was simply two chickens that were running amuck.

The duo was “harassing” and “chasing” customers while also pecking (likely damaging) customer’s cars and tires.

Since you’d have to have the quickness of young Rocky Balboa to actually catch one, let alone two rampaging chickens, the police called animal control. With the help of the obvious overworked McDonald’s manager, the officers were able to corral the chickens. They were taken to Common Sense for Animals shelter.

In a strange twist, the pair were actually claimed by their owners later. We just assumed they weren’t happy about the potential of being made into McNuggets and made a break for it.

Photo: Anthony Lee (Getty Images)

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