Combination Pretzel-and-Beer Keg Bring Oktoberfest Home, Lederhosen Optional

Oktoberfest 2020 has been canceled, along with all the other activities usually associated with autumn. But just because coronavirus makes it impossible to gather en masse to drink beer and chow down on pretzels this year doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the German gustatory delights associated with the festival.

That’s because Snyder’s of Hanover joined forced with Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. for a brilliant at-home substitute for the Oktoberfest celebration. It’s a Pretzel Keg that combines 27 ounces of baked pretzel rods and a 5-liter keg of Captain Lawrence’s Marzen-style Oktoberfest Brew.

“This collaboration was inspired to help consumers feel like they were transported to Oktoberfest without ever leaving their homes,” said Scott Vaccaro, founder and brewmaster of Captain Lawrence.

The smooth, malty lager with honey, chocolate, and toasty bread notes should pair well with salty, crunchy pretzels for a satisfying snack, though at $49.99 a pop, we really wish a bar maiden decked out in a dirndl and braids was serving it to us. Oh well. There’s nothing stopping you from pulling that lederhosen out of the closet and indulging in some drunken shenanigans in true Oktoberfest style.

Cover Photo: Snyders of Hanover

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