Beer Brand Will Replace Your Destroyed Trees From the Hurricane For Drinking Their Beer, Shouldn’t Be a Problem

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If you live somewhere in the northern part of the U.S. or Midwest, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the effects of hurricanes. The wind, intense rain, flooding, and loss of life and property seem like they’re a million miles away. The sad fact is that even though you might not be affected by a hurricane touching down, many other people are. And, thanks to Cerveza Patagonia, you can help in the relief efforts no matter where you live.

This hurricane season, Cerveza Patagonia is on a mission to replace all of the trees (and more) lost by the storms. It’s called the Tree Protection Program and it consists of planting a tree for every case of beer the brand sells. If you buy three cases, they’ll replant three trees. The math is pretty simple. The more beer you drink, the more trees get planted. You get to enjoy some frosty brews and Mother Nature gets some new babies.

“Being from Florida, I understand the pain of hurricane season all too well,” Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director for Cerveza Patagonia said in a press release. “As a brand that already plants a tree for every case of beer we sell, we saw a unique opportunity to help people in a meaningful way this Hurricane season.”

Cerveza Patagonia’s Tree Protection officially launched on Sept. 21. So, now instead of just enjoying the taste of a frosty brew, you can be happy that your boozing might actually lead to the survival of our planet. But if you want them to plant a whole mess of trees, you better act fast. The program end date is Oct. 30.

The best part? Cerveza Patagonia even has a program to help save your own beloved trees. You know that big oak in your yard that has an old tire swing tied to it? Or the elm you were brave enough to climb on your 12th birthday? To submit your information on your favorite tree, visit this link.

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