Florida Woman Makes ‘Hot Single Female’ Sign To Get Power Back After Hurricane Irma

Photo: bauhaus1000 (Getty)

Well that’s one way to get your power back on.

Let’s all meet 37-year-old Kynse Leigh. Leigh was recently in a Tampa hospital after a kidney and pancreas operation, and while there Hurricane Irma took out the power at her home. So upon returning home from a major operation Leigh noticed that she had zero electricity. But an idea came to her.

The mother-of-one decided to make a sign that said this: “Hot Single Female Seeks Sexy Lineman To Electrify Her Life.” Check out the sign below thanks to Facebook, where it of course has blown up.

And to no one’s surprise the sign worked as local lineman rushed to get Leigh her power back.

“It worked everybody!!!!” Leigh wrote on Facebook. “Power on due to your PPL lineman. Thank you to the lineman that hooked it up! They even left me a note! They heard me from on the radio this morning discussing my recent organ transplants! I’m so blessed! Thank you!!!”

Here’s a closer look:

Photo: Facebook/Kynse Leigh

Photo: Facebook/Kynse Leigh

After learning that it could take up to two weeks to get her power back on Leigh decided to make the sign. Here’s what she had to say:

“After Hurricane Charlie, I spent two weeks without power but coming out of an organ transplant it’s a little more difficult. The heat makes me sick and just being in a clean environment is so important. You can’t keep your home clean and keep germs out without power.”

Leigh, who was diagnosed with stage five kidney failure last October, had been on the organ donor list for 100 days when she underwent the transplant Aug. 31. Her organ donor was a teen named Elijah Mayhew. A GoFundMe page has also been set-up for the late Mayhew.

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