Meanwhile in Germany: Family Forced to Remove Dead Dad’s Sculpture Due to Uncanny Hitler Resemblance

Normally, a resemblance to a famous person is a good thing. It might get you more dates, a moonlighting gig as an impersonator, or just prompt some hilarious occurrences of mistaken identity. But one historical figure you definitely don’t want to be compared to is Adolf Hitler.

Alas, a German man is grappling with his dead father’s resemblance to the Führer after a wooden sculpture on his dad’s grave drew criticism from citizens. One look at the facial hair should be evidence enough, but to add insult to injury, the inanimate look-alike is wearing a soccer jersey featuring the number 88, which is apparently neo-Nazi speak for “Heil Hitler.” Yikes.

The mayor of Weil im Schönbuch in Baden-Württemberg had the statue taken down, but permitted the owner to display it in his own yard.

In his father’s defense, the son stated that he is “not a Nazi,” that the soccer jersey was a nod to his dad’s 30-year career as a cashier at a soccer club, and that 88 was his house number.

That all may be true…and yet…if your dad’s doppelganger was one of the worst people to ever exist, maybe think of another way to honor his memory than with a lifelike sculpture.

Cover Photos: BILD and Bettmann / Contributor (Getty Images)



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