Meanwhile on TikTok: Already-Cancelled Boutique Owner Who Called Sales Model Applicant ‘Not That Cute’ Apologizes into the Void That Is His Nonexistence

TikTok is turning heads again, this time for an accidental email that made one female-owned company look very off-brand. It happened in Michigan when the VP of Ava Lane Boutique, Chuck DeGrendel, thought he was sending a message to his boss (AKA his wife) but somehow sent it to the job applicant he was badmouthing in said email.

Gracie Lorincz was surprised and saddened when she received the insulting email which questioned whether or not she was worth interviewing as she was “not that cute.” It was a scromit-inducing moment.

Lorincz decided to share her story on TikTok, not to incite a riot, but to “encourage women to stand up for themselves.”

@ggggmoneyyyy:))))) feeling amazing ##greenscreen ##foryou ##foryourpage ##CompleteMyLook ##FriendsReunion ##rentfree♬ original sound – gracie

But as you might have guessed, the internet mob began swarming within hours, trolling the boutique, and tanking their reviews from five stars to one. In an act of poetic justice, the main review people had about the boutique’s clothing was that it was “not that cute.”


As a result, DeGrendel headed to Facebook Live to post a tearful apology in which he forgot to actually apologize to the person he offended. The internet was having none of it, dishing out abuse like a vengeful god.

Lorincz, for her part, doesn’t want to see the Ava Lane Boutique torn down. In a follow-up TikTok, she told fans she wanted to promote “conscious culture, not cancel culture.” However, according to the rule of internet law, being a jerk in private is a much bigger offense than being a jerk in public, and the sentence is a time out in the void of non-existence.

As for DeGrendel the man still trying to figure out how to email (and be kind to others), turns out the guy’s not that smart. Oh yeah, and the couch is not that comfortable. And according to angry wives everywhere, it won’t be, for a long, long time.

Cover Photo: Facebook

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