Mandatory TikTok Trends: Shoving Garlic Up Your Nose Is 2021’s Best Form of Darwinism at Play

Photo: tiktok.com/@hwannah5

People enjoy TikTok and other social media apps because of the funny, poignant, and sometimes even informative videos. But, every now and again, something begins trending that makes most of us scratch our heads in bewilderment. The newest confusing trend is the act of literally shoving raw garlic up your nose to supposedly clear congestion.

If you take a moment to search this trend, you’ll be met with myriad gross, uncomfortable videos of people sticking raw garlic up their nostrils. After removing the harsh, potent garlic bulbs, fifteen minutes later your nose will release a gooey, gross stream of mucus that supposedly clears your sinus. Like many dumb, head-scratching trends, experts are telling people to please not stick garlic up their noses. It’s really bad.

@hwannah5****warning: Snot*** This is not dangerous. the garlic just clean your sinuses out. ##comedy ##safe ##fyp ##garlicinnose ##shaquilleoneal @jdean40♬ original sound – hwannah5

According to the doctors, not only does shoving garlic up your nose not provide any relief for your sinuses, but it could make you sicker. On top of making your smell nothing but garlic for a long time (gross), adding something like garlic cloves to your mucus membranes could also result in infection.

So, next time you consider listening to TikTokers with no medical degrees, instead opt for over-the-counter medications you can buy at literally any drugstore in the country. Save the garlic for dinner. You and your sinuses will be happy you did.


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