The Funniest Tweets About Mark Zuckerberg’s Ridiculous Fourth of July Surfing Video

We shouldn’t be surprised that Mark Zuckerberg is out of touch with the rest of the world (he is worth $132 billion after all), but then he goes and does something so asinine that, yup, we’re surprised. His latest gaffe was a video posted on Instagram yesterday in honor of the Fourth of July.

In the vid, the Facebook founder and CEO is seen riding a $12,000 Efoil electric surfboard while toting an American flag. “Happy July 4th!” he captioned the post, which has over 2 million views.


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While Instagram followers were relatively kind, Twitter pulled no punches about the absurdity – and memeability of “Zuck’s” patriotic display. These are the funniest tweets about Mark Zuckerberg’s ridiculous Fourth of July surfing video.

Cover Photo: @zuck (Instagram)