Meanwhile in Brazil: Idiot Comedian Dressed as Superman Steps in Front of a Bus, And the Ending Is Tragedy Plus Timing (Yet Still Not Comedy)


Let’s get this straight, we’re all for comedy. We enjoy a nice bit of slapstick, satire, or simply someone getting hit in the groin with a football as much as the next guy. But sometimes, when a person is trying too hard to make people laugh, very unfunny things can happen. This is exactly what happened recently in Brazil when a man dressed as Superman attempting to do something the “Man of Steel” can do, but a mushy comedian definitely cannot.

His name is Luiz Ribeiro de Andrade and he goes by “Superman.” This isn’t likely due to any actual resemblance to the alien from Krypton (he does bear a striking resemblance to Ted Cruz though) or a hint of strength, it’s merely because he makes videos of himself parading around the Brazilian city of Barra dos Coqueiros dressed as the titular superhero.

Recently, he made a video where he pretending to stop a moving bus in the way that the actual Superman might. But since he has likely minimal strength for an average human, he didn’t succeed and was actually hit by the bus.

It happened back on May 30 as the spandex-clad man, with his camera pointed at his face, made the very intelligent decision to step in front of the moving city bus. Obviously, busses have a hard time stopping quickly and he was hit by hard in the back and knocked down. He’s actually lucky he didn’t get hurt.

He walked away and joked “Now I’ve seen I really am made of steel.” But we can only assume that he woke up the next morning with a backache and hopefully some sense not to try this kind of stunt in the future. Although, he is a 35-year-old man who prances around a city dressed as Superman. So, we’ll have to wait and see.