Amazon Debuts Zen Booths Which Is Basically an Outhouse For Employees’ Hopes and Dreams

Amazon warehouses are looking a little more dystopian these days. How can that be, you ask? Well, instead of giving workers longer breaks and the ability to unionize, Amazon debuted “Zen Booths.”

The multinational technology company introduced these booths through its new WorkingWell program. Shockingly, this program exists to “recharge and reenergize” Amazon warehouse workers, which is likely code for preventing them from taking a legitimate break.

As for the Zen Booths, Amazon claims they boost workplace morale by offering interactive mindfulness practices. Perhaps, this is why the booths resemble outhouses so employees can take an emotional dump over how crappy it is to work for Amazon.

Of course, the healing begins with the calming environment fostered inside the booth. This includes a blue-tinted skylight, a moving fan, and some plants on a shelf. Plus, the walls of the booth are covered in motivational pamphlets and signs.

Obviously, the WorkingWell program and Zen Booths are a sign that Amazon no longer fosters the kind of hostile work environment that forces workers to do things like poop and pee in bags. Because now they have Zen Booths, which look remarkably like outhouses for their frustrated workers’ emotions.

Cover Photo: via Amazon Twitter