Boy Scouts Create Covid ‘Hug Booths’ For Relatives to Embrace Elderly Loved Ones, Can’t Think of More of a Super Spreader

COVID-19 has been tough on everyone. In the past nine months, many of us have been separated from friends, co-workers, and family members. Even when we do see people, we don’t shake hands, we don’t hug, and we stay six feet apart while wearing masks. Showing the closest people in your life how much you love them is extremely difficult. A Texas Boy Scout troop realized this and decided to do something about it.

During the pandemic, while we’ve been apart from loved ones, many of us are lucky enough to have a family at home with us. The same can’t be said for our elderly relatives living in retirement homes and assisted living facilities. Many of these people have been completely cut off from outside visitors for their own safety. That means a lot of visiting from the other side of windows and long FaceTime calls. But, until now, no hugs.

That’s where the Boy Scouts come in. Boy Scout Troop 848 created what they’re calling “hug booths” so people can finally embrace their elderly family members again. The booths are made of plexiglass windows with sanitized gloves attached so people can finally get their hug on. Apparently, this is actually very popular around the country and even though it looks like the end of ET, it’s providing much-needed interaction for the elderly population. Let’s just hope they sanitize those things really well after they’re used.

Photo: KTRK-TV

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