Meanwhile in California: Failed Selfie Biker Crashes Perfectly Into the News, Now a National Treasure

Photo: MSNBC

When it comes to social media, selfies are a way of life. We believe in the old adage of “If you didn’t take a picture, did it really even happen?” And, sure you can simply take a picture of some event or historic monument, but that’s not proof that you’ve actually been there. You could have easily snatched that photo from some other Instagram or Twitter account. Real proof lies in the selfie. Take a photo of yourself doing something exciting or visiting a cool locale and there’s no doubt you’re living your best life. But, when taking a selfie, it’s important to stand in a stable spot. Definitely don’t take a photo of yourself while riding a bike. That could end up especially embarrassing if you fall off said bike in mid-selfie. This is exasperated if this fail also happens directly behind a news crew on location.

This exact scenario actually happened recently in Santa Monia, California. MSNBC just happened to be in the right place at the right time for comedy gold. Reporter Guad Venegas was doing a live, standup report about new CDC COVID-19 protocols when a vain cyclist rode into view in the background.

The woman, obviously new to riding bicycles while operating smartphones, appeared to be about to take a selfie and move on with her day when she abruptly lost control of her bike and toppled to the ground.

Obviously, everyone watching no longer heard anything Venegas was saying as they were all busy laughing at (and concerned about) the hapless biker’s well-being. Lucky for us, Venegas tweeted the clip, adding, “Thankfully she was able to get up and ride away.” Let’s hope this is enough to make her rethink her selfie choices in the future.


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