Tyler Perry Posts Thirst Trap Disguised as ‘Midlife Crisis’ Selfie

Having trouble getting a date during the coronavirus pandemic? Tyler Perry appears to have a solution. Just post a thirst trap disguised as a “midlife crisis” selfie announcing you’re single. It worked for the 51-year-old entertainment entrepreneur.

In the pic, a heavily bearded and muscular Perry poses in athletic gear, proving that coronavirus hasn’t kept him from working up a sweat.


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“This is what a midlife crisis looks like,” read the caption. “I’m 51, single and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like. Whatever it looks like I’m going to walk with God, be the best father and man I can be, hold my head up high, and try to look my best doing it!! In a world with so much sadness, please try and stay in the good!”

Fans flocked to Perry’s comments section to answer the call of companionship.

“This is what a God sent woman looks like,” wrote one commenter. “I’m 45, single and waiting on God’s best man that’s wondering where I’ve been all his life while I’ve been preparing myself for him.”

“Well sir, I’m 47 and single and a mother of two, non problematic and YES, I’m shooting my shot!” another wrote.

“let’s date i’m 30,” chimed in another.

If those are the public comments, we can only imagine what his DMs looked like.

Seriously, though, let’s hope this doesn’t become a new dating trend. If you’re posting a thirst trap, own it. If you’re looking to date, say so. And if you are truly having a midlife crisis, please don’t document it on social media. Nobody wants to see that.

Cover Photo: @tylerperry (Instagram)

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