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Meanwhile in Massachusetts: Lawmaker Wants There to Be a State Dinosaur, And the Will of the People Has Been Spoken

This has been a weird week for politicians. Some leaders are grappling with the idea of disavowing Donald Trump, even though they’ve been pretty much mum for the last four years. Others are jumping on the “Impeach him!” train as quickly as they can, whether to save face or because they actually have morals and ethics (we’re still debating). Add the attack on the Capitol by your weird uncle and his drunk friends, and it’s been a tough time to be a state legislator.

But one man has seen through the muck and the fog and he is focusing on the silver lining. The silver lining, in this case, is the fact that he has the power to declare an official state dinosaur for Massachusetts.


I have three words for you: Massachusetts State Dinosaur

With so much sadness and uncertainty in our world today, can…

Posted by Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis on Monday, January 4, 2021

This particular lawmaker, a Democrat named Jack Lewis, tweeted that he plans on filing the legislation for the state dinosaur on Jan. 15, noting that doing so (for whatever reason), is a good way for children to learn about the legislative process.

“The purpose is to explore this thing that many of us once loved, to better understand prehistoric Massachusetts, but also to help young people connect the dots between their current or previous interests and career opportunities,” Lewis told Boston.com. “And I want to make sure folks have an accessible way to understand the legislative process.”

First things first, however. Jack needs the public’s help in choosing which Dino will be the official Dino.

The choices are: Podokesaurus holyokensis or Anchisaurus polyzelus. Both are solid choices, in our opinions. Podokesaurus means “swift-footed lizard” and Anchisaurus means “much sought after lizard.” So, really, it depends on what kind of vibe Lewis is hoping will translate to Massachusetts.

Lewis noted that paleontologists are serving as consultants on the project. Some skeptics argue that these people spent so much time wondering if they could do this, and not enough time wondering about if they should but, still, we commend the lawmaker for using his time accordingly. Allegedly, twelve U.S. states have their own official dinosaur, so we can imagine the conversation Lewis had with his superiors:

“But New Hampshire has their own dinosaur,” he might whine. “Why can’t we have one?”

Well, now they can. He did it. The son of a bitch actually did it.

Cover Photo: Tolga Akmen, Getty Images

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