Toddler Turns Household Skeleton Into BFF, Welcome to the Party Kid

We could all use a good friend right about now. If we’re lucky, we have at least one confidant we can call and lean on during quarantine. If you’re a kid, however, you might have to invent a friend. For many children, this means an imaginary BFF. But for one 2-year-old, he discovered that the best kind of buddy is bony.

Yes, the little tike named Theo resurrected a 5-foot skeleton from his family’s basement stash of Halloween decorations and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

“They are two peas in a pod,” said Abigail, the mom of the toddler, in an interview with CNN.

Benny, named after the skeleton in the movie Halloweentown, goes everywhere – from the car to the beach to the park to the grocery store. Theo loves trying to feed Benny (we’re guessing he wants to fatten him up) and even reads his skeleton friend bedtime stories.

Unfortunately, Theo can be a little rough and tumble with his buddy. “Benny’s head has fallen off a few times,” Abigail admitted.

Theo is planning on channeling his own inner Benny by dressing up as a skeleton for Halloween – after which, his mom hopes to retire Benny back to his home in the basement.

Cover Photo: @abigailkbrady (Instagram)

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