Dinosaur For Sale: T-Rex Skeleton on Auction Guaranteed to Make Your Quarantine Space Fairly Memorable

Hide your grown-up credit card from your inner child. A rare T-rex skeleton is for sale. Named STAN after the paleontologist Stan Sacrison, who discovered it in 1987, the ancient bag o’ dino bones will be on the auction block at Christie’s in New York as of Oct. 6, and it can be yours for a mere $6 – $8 million.

Even if you could afford it, the assembled skeleton might not fight in your living room, clocking in at 13 feet tall and 40 feet long. He would have weighed between 7 and 8 tons, and he would have fed that massive frame with the help of 11-inch teeth with serrated edges. STAN consists of 188 bones, earning it the distinction of being among the largest and most complete T. rex skeletons on the globe. It took a whopping 30,000 hours for STAN to get assembled.

The bones aren’t just cool to look at, either. They tell a story. Apparently, STAN survived a broken neck, evident by two vertebrae that fused together. He also suffered rib and skull puncture wounds, likely from a tussle with another T-rex.

If you’re in New York in the next couple of weeks, stop by Christie’s Rockefeller Center, where STAN will be displayed and visible 24 hours a day until he goes to auction. Whoever nabs him will have one special quarantine pet. Sigh. A guy can dream.

Cover Photo: Christie’s

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