NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Social Distancing Tip Line Shut Down After Being Flooded With Obscene Messages

Nobody likes a snitch, but New Yorkers may have gone too far this time. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently set up a tip line for residents of the Big Apple to report those flouting social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Sending that photo in is going to help make sure that people are kept apart, and that’s going to stop the disease from spreading. And that’s going to save lives,” he told the public. Fines for repeat social distancing offenses were set as high as $1,000.

Immediately dubbed the “New Squeal” plan, naysayers bombarded the tip line with dick pics, erect middle fingers, and Adolf Hitler memes. Fake tips also poured in, like one from a caller who claimed that de Blasio was engaged in oral sex “in an alleyway behind a 7-11” and “coofed” (the new slang term for a person with COVID-19 coughing) on them.

Twitter was even harsher. Here are just a few of the 24K-plus responses.

The tip line was temporarily shut down due to the onslaught of offensive messages. This won’t be the last time an elected official tries to tell New Yorkers what to do, but maybe next time the mayor will give them less of a platform on which to broadcast their dissent.

Cover Photo: John Lamparski / Contributor (Getty Images)

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