People Are Going to the Source for Emotional Support, Their Christmas Decorations (Yes It’s Come to That)

The coronavirus outbreak has a lot of people feeling down – and desperate to lift their spirits. Even though it seems like Christmas just ended yesterday (and procrastinators just took their trees down), some people are eager to bring back the holiday cheer. Across America, homeowners quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic are unpacking their Christmas decorations, erecting their fake trees, and stringing holiday lights in and outside their living spaces to try to remind themselves what happiness feels like.

The dirty little secret of this nesting behavior? Some people never take their holiday lights down, no matter what the month. All they have to do is flick a switch to give the neighborhood a light show. While we think this is a little overboard (remember all the bad things associated with holidays, like get-togethers with relatives you hate, excessive weight gain, and eggnog-flavored everything?), you gotta do whatever puts you in the right headspace during this trying time. Just keep your inflatable Santa Claus off our lawn.

Cover Photo: aabsys (Getty Images)

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