36-Year-Old Woman Calls 911 After Parents Cancel Her Cell Service, Hoping She Runs Away From Home

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would yell at you or ground you and you would threaten to run away or call the police if they didn’t give you what you wanted? Well, that’s pretty much exactly what Ohio resident Seloni Khetarpal did….except she’s 36 years old.

According to court documents provided by The Smoking Gun, Khetarpal repeatedly called 911 to complain that her parents had cut off her cell phone service. She demanded that police come to her house but the dispatcher on the other line told her not to call unless there was an actual emergency. Khetarpal sat on that for a while, no doubt running the cost-benefit variables through her head. Finally, two hours later she called back, declaring that her issues was an emergency and once again demanded that police came to her house. They eventually did, but instead of yelling at her parents, which is presumably what she wanted, they actually arrested Khetarpal herself, charging her with “disrupting public services” which, in layman’s terms, means “annoying the fuck out of us.”

The woman will appear in court on Feb. 27, after she posted a $2,500 bond. This begs the question, though: if she had $2,500 or even 10 percent of it, why didn’t she just get her own cell service? Smart Talk plans are like $20! It’s too bad she didn’t threaten her parents that she was going to run away from home…they probably wouldn’t have stopped her.

Cover Photo: Stark County Jail

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