All the Funny (Because It’s True) Ways In Which Cell Phones Have Ruined the ‘Manliest’ Men

Photo: Eva-Katalin (Getty Images)

Luddites and skeptics all say that technology has led to the downfall of man. And while that’s debatable, cell phones have definitely led to the downfall of manliness (albeit with hilarious results). From changing the way we answer nature’s call, to enabling us to forget important survival skills, the addictive magnetism of our beautiful black mirrors has knocked manliness down a peg or two.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, we sent a research team out into the field to study once-manly men to see what side-effects of cell phone over-usage they had in common. The results were subtly (if not tenuously) emasculating. See if you agree with our findings below, as we uncover all the funny (true) ways in which cell phones have ruined the manliest of men.

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