Guess How Much Kanye West Overcharges For Sunday Brunch (Essentially Prison Food Served in a Church)

Move over, Joel Osteen. Kanye West is the newest televangelist to make money off of the blood of Christ. In addition to charging rock concert-like ticket fees for his appearance at Osteen’s Houston megachurch, West also recently made news for charging $55 per plate at a Sunday brunch. According to those who ate it, said plate consisted of lukewarm pancakes and floppy bacon. Now, anyone who has ever been to a church-sponsored Sunday brunch can tell you that’s pretty much the usual fare at those things. The only difference is, most churches don’t charge $55 for it.

But West, as a born-again Christian, isn’t going to let things such as morals, compassion, and empathy stand in his way of monopolizing Christianity and turning it into even more of a business than it already is. What was that part of the Bible where Jesus flipped over the table of the coin-counters? Forget the crusades; something tells us that the Lord of lords wouldn’t be psyched about his name being attached to such shitty brunch fare.

Cover Photo: Kimberly Kinchen (Facebook)

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