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Kanye West Preaches the Evils of Consumption, Meanwhile Sells $250 Hoodies

Speaking from the proverbial pulpit of Joel Osteen’s superchurch in Houston for his biggest Sunday Service yet, Kanye West preached his belief that the media is indoctrinating children to be mindless consumerists. And of all the things that have made us pause and rewind during West’s 2019 born-again moment, this has got to be one of the funniest. For the only man to outsell the Pope at Madison Square Garden to use the image of Christ to sell $1.50 T-shirts for $70-plus, these words reveal the true hypocrisy of a former rapper turned clown. Albeit a rich clown.

While it’s true that consumerism has been running rampant in wealthy nations around the globe thanks to the power of advertising, West has done nothing to curtail this other than spouting theories into a microphone. His reversal of fortune, from begging Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out of a $56 million debt in 2016, to grossing over $150 million a year on retail is all thanks to legions of young consumers who are happy to pay top dollar for the latest Yeezy product. Maybe a better name for West’s church service would be West’s merch service. West’s latest antics are so rankling, we came up with 10 things we wish “the greatest artist that God has ever created” was doing instead.

Photo: L. Cohen (Getty Images)

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