Kanye West Fails to Present ‘Donda’ Album on Release Day, Suffering Americans Thank Him From Bottom of Their Already-Miserable Hearts

We need a lot of things right now: extended unemployment benefits. A vacation. A stiff drink. A bag of bacon. What we don’t need is another Kanye West album — or at least, we don’t need the hype surrounding it, especially since he seems to be in the midst of a serious bipolar episode.

For once, we got our wish, because Ye’s rumored next release, Donda, did not drop as anticipated on July 24.

We’re not sure if the egomaniacal rapper was just too disorganized to unleash his music onto the world or if someone pointed out that Taylor Swift’s Folklore was coming out the same day and talked some sense into him. Either way, the LP named after West’s late mother (who died due to liposuction complications) is still under wraps.

The cover art, however, started circulating on Twitter over the weekend.

Yikes. Is Ye OK? This looks like something you’d come up with after being abducted by aliens. If the album sounds as bad as it looks, we’ll be skipping through the tracks just like we did with last year’s Jesus Is King.

Once upon a time, Kanye made great music. (We know because we ranked it.) Maybe if he quarantines himself a little longer, he’ll find his way back to it.

Cover Photo: Scott Dudelson / Contributor (Getty Images)

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