Mandatory Tweets: Funniest Twitter Reactions to Kanye West Releasing His Kill List

In the latest chapter of Kanye West versus The World, names have finally been named as the disgruntled rapper took to Instagram to post a list of all the people he’s been beefing with. And as it turns out, the dude has more beef than McDonald’s.

In the now-deleted gram, Ye reposted a photo from a hip hop blog attempting to tally up all the feuds he’s had in his illustriously cantankerous career. Somehow the outlet landed on a scant 35. But as eligible bachelor Kanye West was quick to point out, their calculations fell short.

“Come on guys… This list is twice as long,” West wrote in his IG caption. “You gotta put Apple Spotify Vivendi Universal Lucien Grange Tik Tok Black History Month Obama the whole cast of SNL Hillary Clinton the Devil himself Corey Gamble Bezos Charlamagne Disney Librals,” which we can only guess are Libras who want healthcare-for-all.

Kanye rounded out the list by adding Pete Davidson (obvs), bringing his kill list total to 52. (Not counting all the paparazzi he’s attacked or civilians he’s stared down while reaching for the same denim onesie at the denim onesie store.)

Take a look:

While this list feels like the beginnings of a memoir, something tells us this chapter in Ye’s life is far from over. (Just wait until he realizes what Twitter is for.)

If you look closely, a key to Kanye’s thought process was revealed here. For despite his recent run of malicious posts targeting his ex-wife, Kanye chose to delete this one. The one that reminded people of his beef with Peppa Pig. Because bringing pork into a beef just didn’t sit right with the man. And for that, he’s earned the esteem of Twitter.

Cover Photo: Edward Berthelot (Getty Images)


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