Stunt Lady Margot Robbie Kills Captor With Her Bare Thighs in ‘The Suicide Squad’ (But What a Way to Go)

It’s rare for a director to get an instant two-for-one. But James Gunn’s work on The Suicide Squad not only breathed new life into a fledgling DC property – it also leveled Margot Robbie up into a bonafide stuntwoman.

We always knew she was a talented actor – who happened to have killer thighs – we just didn’t know how killer they were. But in one of the best scenes from the new popcorn flick, Robbie performs a stunt that will take your breath away.

The scene takes place in a jail cell as Robbie’s Harley Quinn hatches an escape plan involving a serious amount of body control. And while most leading ladies would head to their trailer during such a physically demanding scene, Robbie decided to perform the entire stunt herself.

Using her background in gymnastics, the awesome Aussie effortlessly squeezes the life out of a guard with her bare thighs before stealing the key ring from his belt with her toes. With snakelike ab strength, she then curls her body upside-down to unlock her handcuffs – all while hanging from the ceiling.

According to Robbie, “I’m ambidextrous with my toes. I could braid someone’s hair with my toes, I reckon. I reckon I could play the piano or whatever. So when James was like ‘Don’t worry we’ll cut into this, don’t worry about it, And I was like, ‘No, I reckon I got it actually.'”

As if we needed another reason to love Margot Robbie, here it is:

Gunn was equally tickled with Robbie’s performance. “She is like a human swiss army knife… torturing Margot was my favorite day – watching the scene with her flipping backward was just beyond incredible, and I was so happy that it worked and I was mesmerized by it.”

Though when he got to the cutting room, he noticed something he hadn’t seen while on set. During the key moment of Robbie’s escape, a poofy sleeve is blocking her face so that you can’t even tell it’s her performing the stunt.

“It’s my biggest regret in the whole movie… not going in with the scissors,” Gunn laments.

While the wayward sleeve is definitely a missed opportunity, we reckon that when it comes to Margot Robbie, there are no regrets. The Suicide Squad is out now in theaters (and on HBO Max).

Cover Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images)

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