Of Course Margot Robbie’s Stunt Double Sarah Scotford Is An Absolute Ten

Photo: Instagram/Sarah Scotford

As much as this Australian gal looks just like Margot Robbie, and as much as the woman who voices Harley Quinn in the video games gives Robbie a run for her money, of course we will always prefer the one and only Robbie. Although, her stunt double, Sarah Scotford is also pretty damn jaw-dropping herself.


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Scotford is a Canadian fitness and glamour model along with her stunt work on film, and has been Robbie’s stunt double. Scotford latest work is in that XXX: Return of Xander Cage movie you won’t see until it’s on TV months from now at 3AM, but hey, Scotford is still one talented woman.

And while she has the talent, she also has the looks. Check out this hot gal thanks to her Instagram, which currently sports over 12K followers.

h/t FHM

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