Meanwhile in California: Massive Brawl Erupts During Rams Preseason Game, Sparks High Hopes For Regular Season (Video)

Welcome to SoFi Stadium in sunny California where the pizza tastes like an old shoe and the game highlights include a 46-yard punt return and one dude transforming into a human piñata.

After a year with zero fans attending an NFL game, the first preseason kickoff proved to be a smacker all thanks to one superfan in the capacity crowd.

And let’s be honest, the only reason to attend a sporting event these days is to witness a massive fan brawl. Yet while there happens to be a new one just about every week, the crosstown rivalry between the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers proved to be an especially electric matchup.

The fight began with the usual drunken trash-talking and bro-posturing and fully ignited after one woman threw a can of soda at the tense Rams fan in the Aaron Donald jersey. Despite having the upper hand, he quickly got sucked into a maelstrom of limbs (by what appears to be a flock of fellow Rams fans).

Check it out:

In case you wanted to see that from a different angle, here you go:

From above, it looks like the side-bout was even more action-packed than the main one, with the guy in the yellow shirt battling two drunk, overweight dudes at once.


So while we can all agree that the stands are a great place to flex your boxing skills – with ticket prices averaging $300 a pop – why don’t superfans skip the games altogether and just start fighting on their front lawns with the game flickering in the background? Not only will the pesky sporting event no longer distract from the brawl – the beer will be way cheaper.

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