L.A. Rams Home To Season’s First Vicious NFL Fan Brawl

If you’ve followed the NFL at all in recent years, it’s no secret that cell phone footage has helped uncover the ridiculous amount of fighting that happens in NFL stands.

It’s as predictable as death and taxes. If you sit anywhere near the upper deck at any NFL game, you’re going to see a fight, possibly a brawl of near Biblical proportions. Rams fans proved that conclusion includes pre-season games.

The newly-relocated Los Angeles Rams hosted the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend. It was their first game inside the L.A. Coliseum since 1979. There was plenty of excitement in the air! … and this …

The video’s uploader wrote, “There were a couple in my area, but this was only one I could catch on video.”

So the first pre-season game of the year and there were multiple fights. Classy.

This is surely an omen of what’s yet to come during the NFL regular season.

The Rams won 28-24, in case anyone cares.

Josh Helmuth is editor of Crave Sports.