Is Going To An NFL Game Safe Anymore?

It took one weekend for NFL fans to give us a viral video of a brutal beatdown outside a stadium. And that saddest part? No one is shocked.

If you haven’t been to an NFL game recently, and I have, let me fill you in on what it’s like.

As any major sporting event, the energy is high and contagious while entering the stadium. However, by the second quarter, the testosterone starts to over-flow faster than the over-priced beer, resulting in security constantly being called to break-up fights in the stands; the higher your section in the stadium, the higher the chance you’ll see a fight — verbal or physical.

There are also, depending on where you sit, much fewer children. The language, the raucous crowd and the thousands of men who tailgate way too long beforehand, doesn’t necessarily equate Disneyland.

This facet to the NFL experience is a huge problem. And in case you need to be enlightened and further proof this newest fight from Santa Clara isn’t an isolated incident, I’ve written about this topic before.

But first, this past Monday night.

Fans, once they’re caught, are likely facing felony assault charges like the fans from last October who attacked a man inside a Levis Stadium restroom. This newest brawl below happened outside of Levis Monday night after the Vikings vs. 49ers game.

Oakland Co. Coliseum also had a brawl last year during a 49ers game which resulted in a man being taken to a hospital. And in 2011 a 66-year-old man was beaten outside Candlestick in a game against the Steelers. But these kinds of fights happen every weekend across the country, not just in the Bay Area.

From heavy mischief to full-out brawls, Complex actually has a great list of all the unfortunate happenings at stadiums across the country last year. Below are just a few of the scariest from last season.

Jets fan knocks out Bills fan

Bengals vs. Buccaneers

Chargers vs. Raiders

Sure, there are countless fans who go to NFL Stadiums across the country each and every week and return home safe after having the time of their lives. But you can’t watch these videos and feel completely assured.

Next time you go to an NFL game, go head and tailgate, spend the hundreds of dollars on “cheap” seats, and chalk up a tally every time you hear or see something unsuitable for a child. I think you’ll be taking them to other sporting events real fast. Not to mention, be that much more encouraged to watch your NFL games from home.

I also challenge the NFL and stadium security across the country to continue to do their best, and I assume they are trying, on cracking down on this type of fan behavior. It’s exponentially more important than deflated balls

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

Photo Credit: Getty


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