Chief Beer Officer of the NFL Is Our Dream Job (And We Don’t Even Care to Get Paid)

There are few things better than a bucket of chicken wings, a tall, cold beer, and a Sunday filled with NFL football. The only thing that could make our Sunday afternoons better would be if someone actually paid us to drink beer and watch football. That’s a pipe dream, right? Not according to Golden Road Brewing. In a partnership with the Los Angeles Rams, the L.A.-based brewery is hiring a chief beer officer for the 2019 season. The job is simple: watch every Rams game and promote the brewery. The position includes a pair of tickets to every home game and a salary of $150 per game. Sound good? We thought so. To apply, fans of beer and football can submit a video or photo via the brewery’s Instagram account explaining why they should get this very prestigious position. The job listing seems fairly vague so we’ve brainstormed on the tasks a chief beer officer would actually have to do to earn that cold hard cash.

Photo: Hero Images (Getty Images)

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