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Miley Cyrus Poses Pantless on Hood of Dad’s Truck in ‘Miley Cyrus Made Me Gay’ Merch, We Are So Gay For Miley (And Merch!)

Miley Cyrus sure knows how to shock us, and she isn’t done doing so yet. The latest stunt from the wild pop star is a series of pics she shared on Instagram featuring some new merch – in a very provocative display.

In the shots, the tatted pot-stirrer posed pantsless on her the hood of her father’s truck (paging Dr. Freud!). She wasn’t completely naked, however, but rather wore a belted, bright pink T-shirt that read, “Miley Cyrus Made Me Realize I’m Gay!” The shirt also featured phrases like “I [heart] dick!” and doodles of well-lubricated, squirting genitals.


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“IDK what @billyraycyrus is gonna be more pissed about! Me making a shirt that says “I [heart] Dick” or crawling all over his truck in my @gucci heels! Speaking of Daddy’s ask yours for 35 bucks and get the new “Miley made me gay” merch on!” she captioned the feisty shot.

Her online store also sells a white, long-sleeved shirt featuring a big-breasted devil doodle and the proclamation, “I [heart] pussy!”

These new products aren’t just to fatten the singer’s bank account, but to do some good in the world, too. A portion of the proceeds from the merch will benefit Happy Hippie, Cyrus’ nonprofit for LGBTQ and homeless youth.

Go on with your bad self, Miley. Just don’t scratch Daddy’s car.

Cover Photo: @mileycyrus (Instagram)



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