Everyone Is Talking About This Hilarious Sky Banner Ripping on Joe Rogan Over the Weekend (Making the Man’s Proposal the Most Forgettable Part of the Stunt)

Photo: twitter.com/ThatRebecca/

If you’re planning an elaborate marriage proposal, you probably want to do something grand and have a person filming and taking pictures. All in all, you want it to be a memorable story you can regale your children (and maybe even your grandchildren) with someday. That being said, it’s hard to beat a sky-written proposal, right?

Everyone will remember how you paid a skywriter to write out the proposal in the sky for all to see. What a great story. That is unless everyone forgets about your proposal and remembers how you also made fun of a diminutive celebrity in the process.

This is exactly what happened recently in Los Angeles when a man paid over $17,000 to propose to his girlfriend using a skywriter. It began sweetly with the words “Will you marry me Mollie Pratt?”

Obviously, she saw the message because later in the day the phrases “She said yes,” “I love you more than anything,” “Excited to spend my life with you,” and “Until death do us part” all appeared in the sky. It was the last message that confused and delighted onlookers though.

For some reason, maybe because he just had some extra cash to burn, the man added one more message that read “Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3.” Why he decided to throw a jab at the well-known comedian, podcaster, and UFC play-by-play announcer, who is generously listed as 5’7″ when you Google him we’ll never know. We do know that everyone will eventually forget about the proposal and only remember the jab.


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