Girl Gets Savage Revenge On Boyfriend After His Fake Proposal Prank

When prankster Brad Holmes pranked his girlfriend, Jenny Davis, on Valentine’s Day by faking a proposal to her, everyone assumed she was going to get back at him by murdering him. But since something like that can put you behind bars, Jenny decided to do the next best thing: prank him back by telling him a baby is on the way.

The video of the 24-year-old “proposing” to his girlfriend went viral where it racked up over 13 million views, with a lot of people either laughing along or completely calling Brad out for his dumb prank. Check out the proposal prank below to refresh your memory.

Jenny of course was going to get her revenge, so she makes a fake positive pregnancy test and convinces Brad she’s pregnant. Take a look at the revenge video below:

The best part about this video is seeing Brad throw a tantrum. And I feel like the next logical move is for one of them to fake their own death.

h/t The Lad Bible

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