Mandatory TikToks: The 10 Sexiest Videos of the Week 8-25-2021

TikTok is our favorite bottomless pit of visual stimulation. Since it’s pretty much where anyone who’s everyone goes to get famous these days, there’s an untapped well of videos to look at. Especially when those videos feature some of the hottest women online. If you haven’t voyaged into this unfettered resource of the world’s best-looking babes, don’t worry. Since we know what we’re looking for, the algorithm is so fine-tuned when we open TikTok we’re confronted with the sexiest women on TikTok. And since we’re so awesome, we’ve compiled some of our favorites from this past week and put them in a nice neat list here for you to check out and enjoy.

Image: @riwww (TikTok)
@riwwwspam again♬ original sound – TheFlashWatcher

@sophia.ilysmHave a good day 
@jessabreeze#donttouchthem #mine #lifeisgood♬ original sound – ashley

@p1impinainteasylaketok @chnge♬ apocalypse – εϊз

@tayamillerrdid i do this trend right♬ Touch It (remix) – Wisdom Kaye

@brazzyblondebhabie##ad kini season… let’s see if tiktok will post it @museswim ##beach ##swim ##ad♬ original sound – GG Jetski

@maricota0703♬ Tipo Gin – Ao Vivo – MC Kevin O Chris

@ms.liana.bYup ##you ##smiling ##smile ##happy ##fup♬ original sound – Yo

@carolinegregory♬ original sound – elizabeth moore

@nymphsaracrooked septum ring, looks like snot, swaggy or no?♬ You Know Freddie Dredd – Beve Stuscemi

@sophia.ilysmI finally started eating healthy and staying active, and I’ve been feeling so confident as a result DC: @sjbleau♬ original sound – Sickickmusic


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