OnlyFans Models Using Earnings to Buy Double-Decker Bus (Let’s Take This Show on the Road!)

By now, you’ve heard the near rags-to-riches stories of women on OnlyFans. Everyone from former scientists to teachers to college students seems to be making bank on the amateur porn site. But what are they doing with all that cold, hard cash? We never find out.

Except in this case. A Welsh model named Hayley Rowson has netted over $16K since starting on the site five months ago – and she had big plans for her hard-earned windfall. She purchased a double-decker bus so she can take her sexy show on the road, with only her pets riding shotgun.

“I’ve had a bad few years, recently selling my house after financial difficulties I’ve always liked the idea of living on the road,” she said.

She was initially considering a container conversion but opted for the very British version of a mobile home instead.

“People need to realise that there is more to life than working early hours until late at night, there are other ways to make money and your body is the biggest asset you have, people should be proud to show it off,” Rowson told the North Wales Daily Post. “I think that living for a mortgage is a thing of the past, people like to enjoy themselves, and by going part time in my job that I was once working six days a week in now allows me to have that freedom.”

No word on how the move to the double-decker bus will affect her content, though given that she posts three times daily, subscribers will likely get a sneak peek of her new digs at some point. Maybe she’ll even launch an OnlyFans road tour – and when she does, we hope she charges premium prices for “backstage” access. She deserves it.

Cover Photo: Knewz

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