OnlyFans Is the New Student Loan Stripper: Broke College Kids Flock to Fund Their Education as Hospitality Jobs Dry Up

Now more than ever, students have to scramble to make ends meet. College costs are astronomical, while minimum wage isn’t even enough to subsist on. In the past, students funded their educations through work-study or part-time hospitality jobs they squeezed in between class time and homework. But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, many of those opportunities evaporated (while college tuition conveniently did not).

In Britain, scores of broke co-eds have pivoted to sex work, using platforms like OnlyFans to bolster their incomes. Doing porn (or pornographic-esque activities) for cash has become so popular in the UK that some are advocating for a “prostitutes’ union.”

“Jobs in shops and pubs, that students would traditionally have taken, have not been available, especially during the pandemic. There just aren’t a lot of options out there – and women have to find a way to survive,” said Laura Watson, a spokeswoman for The English Collective of Prostitutes (ECP), a group that aims to decriminalize sex work and fights for rights for those in the industry.

ECP claims they’ve experienced a one-third increase this year in calls from students currently selling their sex appeal for college funds; they come with questions about their rights, seeking help from harassment, or simply need support around doing sex work.

Relying on porn to pay the bills is so common among British college students that some universities even offer guides on how to safely make a profit doing sex work.

While we appreciate all the hot new faces on OnlyFans, we also acknowledge that in a perfect world, women would be able to pay for their diplomas with a job that uses their brains, not their boobs. Since we live in reality, it’s up to every woman to decide for herself if the side-effects of sex work outweigh the stress of future student loan debt. Whatever you do, ladies, don’t quit college. Don’t let OnlyFans turn into your only career option.

Cover Photo: Jana Barsova / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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