Meanwhile in Iraq: Strongman Pulls Double Decker Bus Down Main Street, Still Won’t Open Jar for Wife (Video)

If you’ve ever wanted to see a man’s eyes nearly pop out of his skull while he pulls 12-ton bus down a crowded street in Iraq, you’ve come to the right place. The strongman of Kurdistan’s got you covered.

Majeed Yehya, a gym owner in the capital city of Erbil, was hoping to snag the attention of the Guinness World Records when he strapped a double decker bus filled with 15 passengers onto his back and took a light stroll down main street. With hundreds of onlookers watching through the tiny screens on their smartphones, Yehya pulled the massive vehicle a whopping 169 feet, stopping at his favorite bakery to have a post-workout Cinnabon-binge.

While pulling a bunch of sightseers through the swanky part of town is pretty cool, the craziest part of this story is that Yehya is 51-years-old. WTF? We’re half his age and we can barely lift the couch cushions to look for the remote.

But who needs a TV when you can watch this strongman put his body through hell?

Next time, Yeyha plans to lift an airplane at the Erbil International airport. But only if the Guinness dudes show up to write the strongman of Kurdistan into the history books. So if any of you know a guy who knows a guy at the Guinness World Records, put in a word for the man who’s dealing with his mid-life crisis in the weirdest way possible.

Cover Photo: YouTube


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