Yes, Glenn Close Really Twerked at the Oscars and You’re Going to Want to See it

Photo: Handout (Getty Images)

If you’ve ever watched the Academy Awards, you know that (in between songs and sometimes humorous bits) there’s a lot of boring, tedious moments. On top of that, the show seems to last for 10 hours. But you stay up for it because you just want to see if that art house film you stumbled upon randomly on Hulu last weekend will take home the Best Picture award. But now and then, something out of the ordinary happens to make it all worthwhile. For example, last night, a 77-year-old jumped out of her seat to get her twerk on. And we’re not talking about just any 77-year-old, we’re talking about multiple Oscar-nominated actress Glenn Close.

Everything was going just as boring as usual shows when the producers decided to throw it to Questlove (who was emceeing and DJing the show). This is when Lil Rel Howery took the microphone and asked The Roots’ drummer to play a portion of a song and (for some reason) got Close to guess what it was.

Apparently, Close is pretty hip because she immediately knew the song was “Da Butt” by Experience Unlimited from the Spike Lee film School Daze. Instead of simply answering after prompting from Howery, the surprisingly silly actress decided to get out of her seat and twerk along with the tune.

The good news: Glenn Close can dance and isn’t as stuffy as most of her fellow actresses seem. The bad news: what could possibly top this moment at a future Academy Awards ceremony? The odds are we’re in for some boring, tedious, twerk-free shows in the future.

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