Where Oscar Winners Keep Their Oscars

Winning an Oscar is perhaps one of the highest honors one can hold in this world, and the Oscar statuette itself is, as Jim Carrey once called it, the King of All Kickknacks. It is one of the more iconic images in show business, and the Oscar (designed by sculptor George Stanley in 1927) has been handed out to only about 3,000 people over the years. Given how coveted the award is, it’s easy to imagine ourselves – we the hoi polloi – as Oscar winners, and several of us have likely imagined a scenario wherein we can prepare a speech, put on a nice outfit, and clear off a shelf to keep our own imaginary awards.

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Or perhaps I’m the only one to do that. Personally, I’d have my imaginary Oscar fashioned into a necklace, and I would wear it everywhere, no matter how impractical that may be (the statuette weighs about 8 1/2 pounds). I would build up my own back and shoulder muscles to accommodate my own vanity.

But that, of course, is me. For the people who actually have won Oscars, the decision on where to put it is a very real one. Indeed, where people put their Oscars has been a playful matter of journalistic curiosity since time immemorial, and the question is asked of Oscar winners often. Various outlets often poll famous actors as to where their statuettes are kept, and those polled are open about their answers. Some keep them in expected places, although at least one of them doesn’t keep hers on display at all.

Where Oscar Winners Keep Their Oscars

Top Image: Paramount/AMPAS

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