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Kim Kardashian West Dons Dress Featuring Her Own Face; We’ve Officially Reached Peak Kardashian

The Kardashians are a family famous for…being famous. You’d think they’d have some other value to society, but we can’t figure out what it is. Yet somehow, they’ve managed to slap their names on everything from makeup and underwear to video games and emojis – not to mention the E! reality series that made them a household name.

But now, the Kardashian fam has taken their self-aggrandizing narcissism to a whole ‘nother level. How? Kim Kardashian West, the most well-known member of the celebrity clan, recently appeared wearing a dress with her face printed on it.


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“Birthday Collection Shoot. I loved this day! Slide to see this purple eye !!! Fun fact… my room growing up was all lavender and purple has always been such a pretty color to me that’s why I wanted my birthday collection to have the prettiest purple palette!” read the caption.

Of course this wasn’t just “for funsies,” as Kim K’s followers might say. She was selling something. “Shop the bday collection now on,” the caption concluded.

So she’s a walking billboard…for herself. We applaud your body confidence, Kim, but one pretty face per human is plenty. Any more than that and you’re going to “wear” us out.

Cover Photo: @kimkardashian (Instagram)

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