Will Smith Drops ‘Fresh Prince’ 30-Year Reunion Trailer For HBO Max (And You’ll Never Believe Who He Invited)

“West Philadelphia born and raised…” For those who don’t know that theme song’s next verse, it’s been 30 years since Will Smith’s “life got flipped turned upside down” and he became the prince of Bel-Air. Twenty-six years ago, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended, allowing Smith to make films like Independence DayMen in Black, and, eventually, Gemini Man (less exciting). Prolific yet recently lackluster film career aside, millennials will always remember the story of how “[he] got in one little fight” and had to “[move in] with [his] auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.” End shameless quotations. 

For anyone who watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air growing up, Will was the cool kid, Carlton and Hilary the stuck-up cousins, Ashley the crush-worthy one (for viewers), Geoffrey Butler the butler, Uncle Phil the greatest uncle/dad in the history of television, and Jazzy Jeff the one booted from the premises on a weekly(ish) basis.

Smith recently dropped the trailer for the show’s 30-year reunion on HBO Max. The cast is getting back together, in the iconic Banks living room, to remember the late James Avery and discuss the show’s most memorable moments over six seasons. At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that not one but two Aunt Vivians will be attending the reunion— Daphne Maxwell Reid and Janet Hubert. Check it out below. 

Hubert was a scene-stealer for the show’s first three seasons. For whatever reason, irreconcilable differences forged between Hubert and Smith. Or so we thought. Despite being replaced, and years of bad blood, Hubert accepted Smith’s invite to the Banks mansion. Are the two on good terms? Maybe. If not, even better. This added element is sure to make the reunion as electric as Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house. 

While it would’ve been nice to see the cast in character, this nostalgia-driven get-together should be a good indication of what HBO Max’s delayed Friends reunion will look like. Whether it be Central Perk or Monica’s apartment, that cast is sure to reunite similarly. Until then, ’90s kids chill out, max, and relax all cool with the Banks family on Nov. 19. 

Cover Photo: HBO Max

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