Reversal of Fortune: Vanna White Unhappily Takes the Wheel

For the first time in her illustrious career, Vanna White replaced Pat Sajak as the host of Wheel of Fortune. The 62-year-old, who’s been Sajak’s understudy for over 40 years, was finally offered the starring role as master of the wheel so her former boss could take time off to recover from emergency surgery. While some fans are still buzzing from the sudden and unexpected role reversal of their favorite game show, many are in shock at White’s unusual performance.

Inside sources say White wasn’t thrilled to be stepping into Sajak’s role but accepted begrudgingly under one condition. Feeling that her current pay didn’t reflect the extra work that came with spoken words, White refused to speak. Instead, she brought her signature style to the podium, communicating with contestants by spelling everything out on a homemade board which she turned to reveal tiny letters, one at a time. Truly a woman of few words, we congratulate White on her long-awaited ascension to the wheel. Long live the Queen and may she receive the equal pay she deserves.

Photo: Doug Benc / Staff (Getty Images)

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