Classic Game Shows Are Making a Big Comeback (With a Modern TV Twist!)

Game shows are the new/old thing in network television. ABC and FOX are returning to old-fashioned game shows to fill up their prime time schedules in the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Instead of reruns and reality shows, both networks are doubling down with a modern twist (hey, isn’t that Stephen Curry?) on game shows that will conjure up memories of spending time at grandma’s house.

It’s a cost-effective move as game shows are relatively cheap but come off as high-stakes with prizes that can make ordinary people rich. If you’re wondering why you should care about Millie from Bedford, Oregon trying to win a million bucks, it’s the same reason why you watch Twitch, where we now watch gamers play video games. There’s something thrilling, yet harmless about watching others win and lose from the comfort of our own couches. Here’s a rundown of the prime time game shows you should check out. Sorry, grandma’s oatmeal cookies aren’t included.

Photo: ABC 

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