Jamie Foxx Saves Driver From Burning Car

Well, it’s hard to find Jamie Foxx irritating after reading this story.

While the majority of people were enjoying their day off from work yesterday, Foxx was busy pulling a person to safety after his car skidded on the wet road and flipped. The accident happened around 8:30 PM in Los Angeles in front of the actor’s home.

Jamie Foxx Saves Driver From Burning Car
Witnesses explain that Foxx apparently heard the car accident and ran to the scene only to see the driver, now identified as 32-year-old Brett Kyle, still buckled into the seat of the burning vehicle. Foxx then proceeded to unbuckle the driver and drag him to safety for fear that the car would explode like he’s seen in plenty of action movies he’s been in.

Jamie Foxx Saves Driver From Burning Car
Foxx had called 911 beforehand, as well.

The driver did sustain major injuries, including burns, and is currently residing in the hospital. He was also arrested for “driving under the influence.”

As much as we’d like to believe that celebrities are just useless robots that reel in millions of dollars, stories like this remind us that they can do good things sometimes, too.

Via Safety For Citizens

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