Alec Baldwin’s Greatest Cinematic Hits, Kicks, and Verbal Assaults

Photo: Raymond Hall (Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin has been arrested yet again for punching someone. The target of the infamous actor’s assault was surprisingly not a paparazzi (his favorite target), but a fellow New Yorker over a parking space, according to news outlets.

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Baldwin’s notorious temper has been well-documented, but maybe it’s time we take a look back at his movie career to see where his anger comes from. The truth may be stranger than fiction, but in the case of the eldest Baldwin brother, it might be both. Here are Alec Baldwin’s greatest cinematic hits, kicks, and verbal assaults.

The Departed

Weapon of Choice: Overhand right

Quote: “Please tell me that those Chinamen’s cars aren’t empty.”

Glengarry Glen Ross

Weapon of Choice: Silver tongue

Quote: “Coffee is for closers.”

The Shadow

Weapon of Choice: Shadow stealth fighting skills, bad Batman voice

Quote: “Next time, you get to be on top.”

The Cooler

Weapon of Choice: Armbar, choke

Quote: “Listen to me, you Harvard turd.”

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Along Came Polly

Weapon of Choice: Dirty piss hand

Quote: “She’s a dimestore hooker and she always will be.”

The Edge

Weapon of Choice: Stick

Quote: “Charles!!!”