New ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Trailer Features Last Ride For Live Action of Bert and Ernie

If you missed the classic bickering of best buds and original bad boys for life, Bert and Ernie, then you’ll love the new Bad Boys for Life trailer. Our first preview at the third and (supposedly) final run features a fit Will Smith in the driver’s seat of his predictably cool, charming, womanizing, shoot-’em-up superhero character while Martin Lawrence is forced to sit bitch and further his role as the skeptical, now overweight and out-of-shape sidekick. Their dichotomy is, no doubt, good for a few laughs, but is it good for Martin’s morale? It reminds us of the episode when Bert tried to get Ernie to stop sleeping and eating all day until Ernie finally told Bert to go eff himself and retire already. So will these bad boys finally settle down or go out in a blaze of glory? Will they ever admit their true feelings for one another or continue to be publicly shamed into submission? Find out for yourself January 2020.

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