Bad Boys 3: Is It in Development?

Photo: Columbia Pictures (Getty Images)

During the ’90s, there was an explosion of movies with two reluctant detectives made to work together in order to solve crimes and become friends along the way. Bad Boys movie from 1995 is just one example of such a movie. It starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two cops with different approaches to life and their jobs. In 2003 came a high-budget sequel and, since then, people have been waiting patiently for Bad Boys 3 to come. It’s been nearly 15 years so how likely it is that we’ll see the third installment anytime soon? Well, it’s possible, according to Jerry Bruckheimer.

Bad Boys

In case you’ve never seen that now-famous original Bad Boys movie, we’ll break it down for you here. Basically, the story follows two detectives, Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) who are investigating the case of stolen seized mafia money that was kept in the secure police vault. They race against time as they only have 5 days to find it or their department will be shut down and investigated for corruption. When one of Lowrey’s informants, Maxine, gets murdered and her friend witnesses it, Burnett needs to pretend he’s Lowrey to get the information from her. It is this mix up along with a ton of action that made Bad Boys such a fun experience.

The 2003 Sequel: Bad Boys 2

About eight years later, when everyone probably forgot about the film, someone decided to revive the franchise (most people didn’t even know it was a franchise) and release a sequel. The story also takes place eight years after the first film. Burnett and Lowrey are still partners, investigating the ecstasy supply in their city. One of the main characters becomes Burnett’s sister, Syd, who is an undercover cop and happens to be seeing Mike, secretly. She gets into trouble and, upon finding out who she really is, the two go on a rescue mission. There are a lot more explosions, gun fights, and car chases, which is ultimately the director Michael Bay‘s signature. It was a true Hollywood release.

The Wait for Bad Boys 3

While the first film went almost unnoticed back in the mid-90s, its sequel gained quite a lot of attention creating a cult following. Ever since then, people have been waiting patiently for Bad Boys 3, but apparently in vain. The third installment that was planned for this year was suddenly canceled when the director Joe Carnahan left the project. Considering how he wrote the draft for the screenplay and was the driving force behind the project when he left, it all fell apart. As if that’s not enough, Martin Lawrence (Marcus in the film) recently stated that he doubts there will be another film, shattering many fans’ dreams and hopes. It appeared that the project was officially dead.

Is It the End?

Now, through all the discouraging news saying that the Bad Boys 3 release date will never come, one voice came through. Jerry Bruckheimer, one of the most important producers in the history of Hollywood and the man who happens to be the producer of this franchise as well, stated that Bad Boys 3 is still possible. The main problem is timing. Will Smith won’t be available for filming in quite a while as he’s set to star in a number of new films like the incredible-sounding Aladdin musical by Guy Ritchie and another potential cult movie Suicide Squad 2. This means that he won’t be available for quite a while, but after that, who knows? There’s no doubt that he would be interested in making the third film, just when he gets the chance. “What about Martin Lawrence?” we hear you ask. He is always available.

Are you excited by the prospect of seeing Bad Boys 3 at some point or are you disappointed it won’t be anytime soon?