National Treasure 3

‘Bad Boys For Life’ Writer to Resurrect Third Installment of Another Seemingly Dead Franchise (That Narrows It Down, Right?)

With Bad Boys For Life is cleaning up in theaters this weekend with a surprising $70+ million debut, the time seems right to resurrect another seemingly dormant franchise with a third installment: National Treasure 3. As it turns out, Bad Boys For Life co-writer Chris Bremner has been tapped to write the script for the long-overdue sequel. For those who are unaware, the National Treasure franchise follows a historian and amateur cryptologist who also happens to be a treasure hunter.

Whereas the first film saw an unlikely group of misfits attempting to steal the Declaration of Independence (because it has a treasure map on it), the 2008 sequel saw them attempting to uncover the mythical Book of Secrets in order to clear their family name. With National Treasure 3 now officially in the works, the question remains: what will be the McGuffin be this time around? While we wait for an answer on this front, here are 10 highly likely options for items that the National Treasure crew will try to steal this time around.

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