Cyclist Travels World With Only a Bike and Cat (What More Could You Want?)

Everyone on the planet knows that dogs are a “man’s best friend,” but what about cats? When Scottish welder and extreme cyclist Dean Nicholson decided to quit his job and bike around the world, he never expected to challenge the well-known idiom about dogs. But one fateful day while riding through the Balkans, Nicholson discovered a stray kitten meandering amongst the rocks. The cat began to chase after him, giving Nicholson little choice but to bring her along. Naming her Nala (after his favorite movie, The Lion King), the two quickly became inseparable and are now traveling the world together, one lap at a time.

Nicholson and Nala’s journey is the latest heartwarming story to illustrate the special (and ridiculously cute) bond between humans and animals. If you’re caught grinning and teary-eyed by the tale of these unlikely soul mates, wait until you see these seven stories of unexpected bonds that defy logic and prove (in adorable fashion) all living things are interconnected.

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Cover Image via Daily Mail

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